Hassio Addon Zwift-app

This is my first addon for Hassio.

Addon for collecting data from Zwift Mobile App api.
Useful if you would like to control a fan or light depending of power or heartrate.

This addon is not published. Just a local addon for now.

Example from Home Assistant with som sensor data plus a switch that starts the addon

How it works:
You must have to login to Zwift and connect your trainer and jump into the world before you activate the addon (for example with a zwitch that starts the addon). If you are not login the addon will stop after 60s. That’s why the sensors are in unknown state in the example above.

Zwift username:
Zwift password:
Zwift id:
mqtt server address:
mqtt username:
mqtt password:
mqtt topics: (you don’t need to change this)

What I use it for:
I use it for my Hue light list behind my screen that I use for my ”Zwift station”. I change the color to match the zone I ride in.
In the future I will try to hack my fan with a ESP8266 D1 mini and switches to control my fans three different speeds.